Cardi B’s Followers Got Surprised After She Announced Her Partnership With OnlyF*ns

Cardi’s prepping for something and fans are sta-lking her pages in hopes of getting a gl-immer of understand about what she’s on the prec-ipice of announcing.

The singer hasn’t released much in the way of new music after a few singles and a*tsy fans are pe-stering Cardi on her social media channels. It’s another announcement that is getting all the attention, however.

Cardi’s doesn’t keep too much from her fans, clearly and that trend has continued the longer she’s been at home like the rest of us.

She’s been sharing all kinds of photos, videos and beauty treatment from home – while also do*ging ha*ers, body-sh*mers and other nays*yers from her life.It seems, however, that all she’s shared hasn’t been enough to que-nch fans’ th!rst – or the b-ots’ comments.

Earlier in the quarantine, she took it to a new level, becoming even more open about some of the beauty routines that she was having done at home – which includes waxing her upper lip and also some bleaching in her pr!vate areas.

She’s also ba*ted away rumors of plastic su*gery since her ascent, ta*kling them head-on and being open about her love for the procedures and how they support the quality of life that she’s worked hard for.

She’s previously told off fans who’d ac*used her of photoshopping pictures, too. “Now I know a b—h gained some weight because I had to make the th!ghs match the mother—in a–,” she explains.

She later added, “I know I gained a little bit of weight and I’m actually holding it in… but it doesn’t matter though… I got li-po in money.”

Fans were wondering if a recent sp-ate of appearances during which Cardi’s wearing a full face mask – not the ones being wo-rn in public by many all over the world – was because she’d gone under the kn!fe once again and was healing.

Could that be the “big announcement” that she was te*sing? It wasn’t that she was jokingly starting an OnlyF*ns account, a way of defl*cting from the fact that all of her ac*ions and movements seem to generate new rumors and gossip about her.

Cardi tweeted and deleted, that she was doing a “partnership with only f*ns,” and said that every time someone starts a rumor that she will be addressing it there.

She also suggested that she might post a video of her cleaning her home with her trademark long nails. Though we’re not sure what Cardi’s real upcoming announcement will be, fans did notice this weekend that Cardi’s face is looking a bit different – with some noticing some su-btle changes to her nose and wondering if Cardi will be announcing that instead.

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